Colab: Creative Technologies

Colab is an interdisciplinary collaboratory for teaching, research and engagement. Our remit is to catalyse the distinctive fusion of creative and technical disciplines, people and practices represented within AUT and to connect with networks of external partners.


We are a diverse community of creative people, working together in an environment from which new ideas emerge on a daily basis. Colab researchers come from a range of backgrounds, including art, design, computer science, animation, game design, engineering, mechatronics, business, and organisational development.

BCT Mechatronics space, level 11

Postgraduate space, level 10


Colab is located on levels 10 and 11 of the award winning Sir Paul Reeves Building at AUT’s City Campus. Our practise based Creative Technologies programmes are delivered in flexible open studio environments, these provide individual working spaces and areas for workshops, seminars and group projects. Our Mechatronics lab is the first stop for students and staff to prototype projects before utilising other labs if needed.

Labs Network

Colab has also established a Faculty Labs Network within AUT, to manage and develop a number of high-end technology facilities, researching subjects ranging from textile design and production, 3D printing, to motion capture, interactive technologies and virtual worlds.


Our strategic commitment to new educational models is exemplified by two “anti-disciplinary” degrees in Creative Technologies. These innovative Bachelor and Masters degrees are designed to be agile, experimental and future-focused. Project-based curricula encourage students to be collaborative, to embrace uncertainty and to take charge of their own education.


We pride ourselves on having great relationships with industry and organisational bodies throughout Auckland and abroad, and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with researchers, organisational partners, creative-thinkers, and entrepreneurs. Perhaps, even you?

Mission Statement

New technological infrastructures and complex social and environmental issues are challenging established epistemologies across the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, causing shifts across multiple disciplines.

The idea of the university is changing and many of the significant challenges we face are too complex to be limited to any one discipline.

We emphasise co-creation, connectivity and community in developing thematic research programmes responsive to emerging social issues, technological change, and local/global cultures.

The future will depend on people with imagination, advanced technological skills and the entrepreneurial ability to link-up different kinds of academic or professional knowledge in new ways.


With Colab’s mission statement set firmly in the future we continue to adapt and grow. Colab was established in 2008 and has since developed over three broad phases, amalgamating with other entities and seeding initiatives that have rolled out to other parts of the University. At the cutting edge of emergent, interdisciplinary practices, change is and will remain, core to Colab’s DNA.