December 2015

Auckland Live and Colab Partnership

Auckland Live and Colab teamed up with Auckland University to bring the worlds of science and digital art together, celebrating the International Year of Light 2015. The interactive project, Beambox, was a light-themed, multimedia installation that gave the opportunity to see, hear and experience the electromagnetic spectrum.

Colab students and staff were involved in many aspects of the project, including designing and constructing the interactive elements of the installation, creating the visual identity for the cubes, and devising a strategy for communicating physics concepts and engaging audiences onsite and online.

Colab has a long standing partnership with Auckland Live, which involves the long term project Digital Art Live, as well as the short term projects Still and Beambox. We look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial relationship with new projects in the future.

Beambox / Collaboration from Digital Art Live on Vimeo.