Film Auckland

April 2010 – April 2012

Envisage (Film Auckland and Colab Partnership)

Colab’s partnership with Film Auckland is one example of how we have successfully facilitated collaboration with like-minded industry bodies to forge mutually beneficial relationships through knowledge sharing and promoting dialogue between industry and education.

Film Auckland prides itself as a link to a vast network of experienced film industry professionals in New Zealand and abroad. Their objective is to be the focal point of the screen production industry in Auckland, and to act as a resource for local and international productions.

The relationship between Film Auckland and Colab is based on numerous links with AUT University. Film Auckland’s board members and managers had already established working relationships as film industry guest lecturers at the university, and the university has hosted several Film Auckland events at campus facilities. Film Auckland’s role in supporting the New Zealand screen industry naturally aligns with Colab’s outreach objectives, and together Film Auckland and Colab co-produce the Envisage programme.

The Envisage programme was initiated to encourage industry, education, public interest and networking around key issues concerning innovation and capability development through new technologies. The inaugural session was entitled ‘What does the industry want?’ The panel explored this important question, addressing the relationships between education facilities and the industry along with current and future needs. Film Auckland’s Executive Manager Michael Brook says:

“We’ve got the educators hearing what the industry needs, what the industry wants. Conversely it’s great for the industry to contemplate some of the innovations that are coming out of the education institutions. Envisage is a catalyst for that”.

Subsequent Envisage events have looked at 3D film and entertainment, advertising and audio technologies, and transmedia production and design; all current, evolving and hi-tech innovations that affect a wide range of creative industries.

Developing Awareness:
Film Auckland’s involvement in Envisage has been invaluable in terms of the connections that the lecture series and networking event provides. The event is open to industry, students and the general public, and a diverse audience is able to come together in an open forum. The events create a venue for discussion of current issues or cutting edge innovation from a broad range of perspectives. The Envisage series actively promotes creative industry connections and opportunities for growth and innovation, both practically and conceptually.

In addition, where Film Auckland and its membership is often concerned with immediate issues related to current productions, the Envisage series is an opportunity for industry and education to look collaboratively at the development and direction of creative sector. In June 2010 Colab co-director Frances Joseph travelled with Film Auckland’s Michael Brook and Peter Rive (chair of Colab’s advisory board) as members of an Auckland film delegation to China. During the visit Film Auckland signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the China Film Association. The delegation visited the China Film Base and attended the opening of the New Zealand Film Festival in Beijing, reinforcing both organisations’ driving principles of outreach and support of local endeavors on a global scale.

Benefits to Film Auckland

The Envisage lectures not only provide the members of Film Auckland with an expanded network and a new resource to draw from, but also create a direct connection with an enthusiastic audience for research testing and discussion.

Public exploration of new areas of innovation, such as 3D technologies, allows not only for forward thinking on behalf of individuals, but allows organisations the opportunity to consider their evolving agendas in accordance with the needs of educational institutions, industry experts and creative practitioners. Michael Brook says:

“One major benefit [of Envisage] is creating the conversation between industry and education. In this forum, both sides are seeing ways that the other side is innovating. They’re discussing ideas, which is critical in a sector that relies on creative innovation”. In addition to the sharing of resources such as data-bases of contacts, event management capability and facilities, Film Auckland has benefited from the partnership through Colab’s ability to draw together resources and bring together new audiences with fresh perspectives.

Future Collaboration:
Film Auckland and Colab look forward to continuing their collaborative efforts in the Envisage programme and related workshops, and extending their combined networks. Colab events are open to the public, but specific to a knowledgeable and practical audience. Therefore vibrant conversations and innovative, focused ideas flourish, leveraging benefits to both organisations through shared knowledge and collaboration.