Cut And Paste
By Jenna Gavin
Level 2, Aotea Centre 14 May 2014 to 14 Jul 2014

Cut And Paste is a refreshing exhibition that mixes play, art and literature. Using the metaphor of a scrapbook, this interactive work invites the audience to select words from New Zealand poems. These words become a trigger for a digital poetry lexicon, creating a brand new poem that will appear on the screen. The underlying message of this artist’s work is that new concepts stem from existing ideas and this is the nature of creativity.
This exhibition is made in collaboration with the Auckland Writers Festival.


Jenna Gavin is a digital media artist who creates playful interactions with language, data and form. Her strength lies in crafting unique user experiences through code and objects. Her eight-player game “Word Wars” has been played at the Auckland Art Gallery, the Semi-Permanent Research Lab and the Pop-Up Indie Games Arcade. In 2013, she co-organised Rabble Room, a social play space showcasing multiplayer arcade games. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology.


Local New Zealand poets listed below contribute to this exhibition by providing some of their poems.
Bronwyn Bryant
– Marc Chagall’s I and the Village
Ben Egerton
– Drift to Winter Snow
– Pilcrow
– 01:25:00
– Supplication
– Things to Include in a Letter to Your Lover
Sue Fitchett
-I’m writing you a letter Mr Kipling
Bernadette Hall
– Living out here on the plains (for John)
Siobhan Harvey
– Cumulus
– Cumulonimbus
– Altocumulus
– Altostratus
– Nimbostratus
– Cirrus
– Cirrocumulus
– Arcus
– Morning Glory
Poems from the collection Cloudboy, Otago University Press 2014
Emma Neale
– Block
– Hard Task, Master
– Philosophical Doodle
– Morality
Maris O’Rourke
– Aotearoa: A Sonnet
– Homeless
– Waiting room
– Echoes
– Dreamin’: A Sonnet
– Okahu Bay: A Sonnet
– Tangi Time
Harry Ricketts
– A Modern Creed
– Allen Ginsberg, Leicester, 1980
Agnes Almeida
– Buffet for a crap daughter
– He-Man
– Summer Vacation
– What’s for dinner?
Charlotte Simmonds
– Without You
– Wing and Sprinter
– The Monster of Mexico
Elizabeth Smither
– A cortège of daughters
– Holding hands
Suzanne Frearson
– Anatomy of insomnia
James Nortcliffe
– Laika (the space dog) / Published in the Cincinnati Review
– The White Sea / Published in Spillway
Piet Nieuwland
– The starry trousseau

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