Emerging Pixels #4
By Emerging talents
Aotea Centre, Level 2 12 Nov 2014 to 12 Mar 2015

Digital Art Live offers the opportunity for young digital and interactive artists to present their works. Emerging Pixels returns for a fourth edition to showcase the next generation of New Zealand digital talents.

Face Echoes by Donald Smith
12 November to 4 December 2014

Face Echoes is a unique mirror. Based on the participants’ movements and the number of viewers in the interactive space, the virtual mirror decides and then reflects back a range of expressions from joy to un-happiness or neutrality. The facial expressions are not displayed statically, but morph from one facial expression to another creating a new, virtual character that is transient in nature.
Donald Smith is a Masters of Creative Technologies candidate studying at Colab, AUT University. He has over ten years experience in the education sector teaching and creating content for programs in 3D Animation. His current research involves facial motion capture and real time manipulation of virtual environments using external data of all types.

Vizcera by Alexey Botkov
8 December 2014 to 8 February 2015

Vizcera is a musical instrument that is triggered by the participant’s hand gestures and creates a contemplative and meditative audio-visual experience. Colours and sounds appear on the digital screen influenced by the participant’s movements and at times have an element of chaos and unpredictability to them.
Alexey Botkov is a multimedia artist from Russia. He has been based in Auckland for the past 10 years. He worked in VFX and games industry for 4 years before co-founding Frogshark, an independent game development studio. He is currently studying at Colab, AUT University as a Master of Creative Technologies candidate.

Glass In My Mind by Georgia Shattky in collaboration with Hubbub
11 February 12 March 2015

Are you ready to be part of the next generation of storytelling? Glass in my Mind takes the silhouette of participants in front of the screen and embeds them into the digital story on screen. The viewers can then physically interact with the footage on screen and interject randomness and unpredictability into the narrative.
Georgia Shattky is a recent graduate of AUT’s Art & Design programme, specialising in Digital Design. She currently works in television as a motion designer.
Hubbub is a collective of AUT students Reuben Poharama, Braeden Foster and Martin Hill. They work with interactivity in art and have been making fun experiences since 2013.

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