By Seung Yul Oh in collaboration with Jeffrey Nusz
Aotea Centre Level 2 27 Aug 2013 to 21 Oct 2013

Rain is a playful, chaotic interactive art work which invites users to germinate an unpredictable kaleidoscope of objects, images, and sounds. By activating the work using a giant controller of custom buttons, the audience is absorbed in a world where 3D shapes, animals, plants and other items spring forth and move across the screen.

Rain is a participatory process where the audience plays and the work plays back in response. Each of these actions is accompanied by sounds and music that builds and wanes to match the audience’s playful intensity.

Oh works often with an egg motif, an allusion perhaps to discovery, new life, and birth, in all its yolky messiness. In Rain, embryonic water in the foreground takes on this role, literally catapulting a host of objects into existence, some of which are bright yellow birds, spinning, hovering, and splashing back into the nether as quickly as they came.

Rain was originally commissioned by SCREENS, an online gallery for art interactives. Rain is viewable at their website.


Seung Yul Oh was born in 1981 in Seoul, Korea and graduated from University of Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Arts with an MFA in 2005 In 2006 he staged a large solo show, CHEW CHEW Tongue, at Starkwhite followed by a series of artist’s projects and representation in public art gallery exhibitions including: 5 4 3 2 1 at the Auckland Art Gallery and His solo exhibitions include Oddooki, Te Papa, Wellington (2008 – 09), Bogle Bogle, The Dowse Art Museum, Wellington (2009). In 2012 he staged Huggong at Starkwhite, Auckland and unveiled the major public sculpture Pumanawa o te Whenua in Hamilton, New Zealand.
He is represented by Starkwhite, Auckland.


Jeffrey Nusz is an Auckland-based programer, game designer and artist with 15 years experience creating interactive experiences for the web and physical installations. Jeff’s training in traditional programming techniques and background in the visual arts has led to a career of collaborations with graphic designers, film directors, visual effects experts, musicians, and fine artists. He is the creator of acclaimed online games Sprout and Anika’s Odyssey, and co-founded Screens, an online gallery for interactive art supported by Creative New Zealand. Jeff is interested in the possibilities of “interactive” as an artistic medium, much like film, novels, photography or painting.

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