Score Generators
By Shannon Novak
Various locations in Aotea Centre 31 May 2013 to 30 Jun 2014

Everything is music. Whether a wall, a building, or your next cup of coffee, Shannon Novak uses his own language of animated geometric forms and instrumental sounds to showcase the musicality he sees in life. In Novak’s exhibition Score Generators, he brings the musicality of twelve everyday objects within the Aotea Centre to life as virtual art works you can see by using your own smartphone or tablet.

“We are continually bombarded with information from multiple channels, and as a result often overlook the wonder of everyday objects surrounding us. My work attempts to reengage the audience with this wonder using the very technology that tries to draw this attention away”. Shannon Novak.

The technology used to develop Novak’s work is called augmented reality (AR). AR has traditionally been used in architecture to visualise buildings, the military to overlay important information on soldier’s eyewear, and navigation to provide real time street information. But in Score Generators when you hold a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet over an object, an animation with sound will overlay that object in real time. The real world is ‘augmented’ with virtual objects.

One or many works may be activated by the audience at any given time. To provide a view of what this might look and sound like as a whole, the twelve Digital Art Live screens each randomly display one of the twelve works in action.

The exhibition has been originally commissioned by Digital Art Live to be shown at the Aotea Centre from 31 May to 29 July 2013. It was composed of 12 augmented reality animations located in various locations and a video installation in the screen located on level 2. From 30 July 2013, the screen is not presenting Score Generators anymore but the 12 augmented reality animations made the Aotea Centre their permanent home.


You will need a mobile device with the free app Aurasma installed to view the exhibition. To download and setup Aurasma:
1. Search for and download the “Aurasma” app in Google Play or the Apple App Store
2. Launch the app, click on the “A” symbol at the bottom of the screen, then click on the magnifying glass icon
3. In the search box, type in Shannon Novak and click “Search”
4. The “Shannon Novak” channel will be at the top of the result list – click on it, then “follow” it
The app works on most mobile devices with iOS or Android (Supported mobile devices can be found HERE) and the work is best viewed using a tablet (e.g. an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab).


Shannon Novak is an artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. He works in painting, sculpture, and installation, with a focus on using geometric forms to explore his deep and abiding interest in the interrelationships between sound, colour, form, time, space, and social context. He completed a residency at CentralTrak, The University of Texas at Dallas Artists Residency in 2011, has been engaged in public commissions in Auckland, New Plymouth, and Denver, and co-founded West gallery at The University of Auckland in 2012.

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