What is Digital Art Live?

Digital Art Live started in 2011, the result of a collaboration between Colab and Auckland Live to showcase local and international digital artworks in a unique interactive space. Digital Art Live’s mission is to bring the world of creative technology into the public domain by providing a space that encourages interactivity, collaboration and experimentation. Located in foyer of the Bruce Mason Centre in Auckland’s Takapuna, the interface of Digital Art Live is made up of nine Samsung flat screens, organised into a large composite measuring 3075mm x 1737mm.

Our aim is to encourage audiences to interact with the artworks as if they were participating in a performance. The Bruce Mason Centre is a  key theatrical Auckland venue and an ideal location for the  public to engage with the performance possibilities of digital art.

Digital Art Live is an initiative and opportunity for local artists and developers to use new technologies in an interactive and creative form. We hope to encourage these creative communities to develop their skills, collaborate with each other and find new ways of working.  Auckland Live facilitates talks, meetups and workshops as well as call-outs to interactive artists and developers to submit their work for inclusion in the Digital Art Live showcase.

Funding for the interactive screen was gifted by the Aotea Centre Trust and  the Aotea Centre Board of Management.  The Board has commissioned and  purchased a number of visual art works installed around the Aotea Centre, in Aotea Square. The interactive screen continues this tradition with a medium displaying up-to-the-minute contemporary digital art.