Antipodes Auckland

September 19, 2016  |  11:30am – 5:45pm.
Room WG308, Level 3, WG Building, AUT City Campus.

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Antipodes Symposium  |  September 19, 2016  |  11:30am – 5:45pm

We invite you to join us for the inaugural Antipodes Auckland Symposium. In collaboration with The French Embassy in New Zealand and the College of Creative Arts at Massey University, a group of French creative professionals representing seven leading organisations will visit Aotearoa. This new initiative aims to explore critical, collaborative and creative responses to the uncertainty and acceleration of social/cultural change in France and New Zealand. Find out more about the Antipodes Collaboration here.

Antipodes Auckland is a free public symposium consisting of short presentations, a networking lunch and three panel conversations. The seven visiting French organisations will engage with Auckland’s creative ecosystem to discuss the role creativity in the digital age has to play in research, innovation and in engaging communities.

Join us to share ideas and explore aspects of the broad rubric of creativity as a driver of, and way of coping with, increasingly rapid societal and technological changes.

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11:30am         Welcome & Framing

11:45am        Short Presentations

Sally Manuireva (Chair)
Camille Pène,
Futur en Seine
Mike Usmar, High Tech Youth
Stéphane Simon, Le Lieu du Design
Nils Pokel,
Auckland War Memorial Museum
Emmanuel Ferrand,
La Générale
Baruk Jacob, Auckland Libraries
Geraldine Farage,
Le Shadok
Elisabeth Vaneveld,
ART Venture
Julien Deparis
Nolwenn Lacire, Digital Art Live
Amel Nafti, Villa Arson
Rhana Devenport, Auckland Art Gallery
Eric Prigent, Le Fresnoy
Pare Keiha, Te Ara Poutama

1:00pm          Lunch & networking

1:45pm          Panel: Creation, innovation and the digital age.

What is the relationship between creativity and innovation? How are digital technologies effecting creative production, distribution and reception?

Vincent Heeringa (Chair)
Nils Pokel, Auckland War Memorial Museum
Camille Pène, Futur en Seine
Elisabeth Vaneveld, ART Venture
Stéphane Simon, Le Lieu du Design
Tim Gruchy, Media Artist

2:45pm          Afternoon tea

3:15pm          Panel: Creation and Social engagement

How can creative practices and creative technologies be utilised to help develop stronger communities?

Ross Liew (Chair)
Maggie Buxton, Colab
Emmanuel Ferrand, La Générale
Luke Diggins, MOTAT
Géraldine Farage, Le Shadok
Baruk Jacob, Auckland Libraries

4:30pm          Panel: Research and Creation

How is documentation and communication of research changing in light of the emergence of practice based research and new technologies?

Dane Mitchell (Chair)
Gregory Chatonsky, Artist
Amel Nafti, Villa Arson
Eric Prigent
, Le Fresnoy
Julien Deparis,
Zara Stanhope
, Auckland Art Gallery

5:30pm         Summary and closing

5:45pm         Ends Image result

Antipodes 2016 French Organisations:

Camille Pène, Futur en Seine (Paris)

Camille Pène is the Director of Futur en Seine Festival. Previously, she was the International Relations Manager of Paris Region Lab and has developed a network of startup incubators in Europe to foster international diversity in Paris Region Lab incubators.
Futur en Seine is the largest free and open meeting on innovation in Europe. An event where creators, developers and other major players in French and international innovation gather from around the world. Demos, conferences, workshops, business appointments: Futur en Seine is an immersion in the world of digital innovation.

Stephane Simon, Le Lieu du Design (Paris)

Stephane Simon is CEO of Le Lieu du Design. He was previously responsible for exports, consultant for creative industries, before supervising arts and culture communications at the City of Nancy (France). He has been an independent designer for fifteen years and taught design management in engineering and business schools.
Le Lieu du Design is a public and nonprofit organization created in 2009 by the Paris Design Council to help small businesses integrating a design strategy as a factor of added value and to collaborate with design agencies and design schools. It acts as a dedicated platform to exchanging views on industrial and green design open to professionals of design, industry, students and the general public.

Emmanuel Ferrand, La Générale (Paris)

Emmanuel Ferrand works at the crossroads of science, art and technology. He is doing academic research in mathematics (Maître de conférences, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI), whilst  also working on various art projects in his role as manager and curator at La Générale.
La Générale is an artistic, political and social co-operative, a cultural factory, residency and laboratory facility. Active in the fields of cinema, music, theater and visual art It forms a key element of the Parisian creative landscape. Linked with the hacker / maker movement and it has developed a number of original projects at the crossroads of art, science and technology, with a special emphasis on open data, open source software and hardware,

Eric Prigent, Le Fresnoy (Lille)

Eric Prigent is Digital Studies Director in The Fresnoy, national studio for Contemporary arts, for projects dedicated to digital creation. Academic, Journalist-writer, designer and presenter of radio programs on the digital technologies, he produced numerous works with technological components and developed multiple collaborations, in particular with laboratories of scientific research.
Le Fresnoy is a postgraduate educational institution providing access to artistic, audiovisual, and multimedia production and distribution to advanced students from a wide range of creative disciplines from over 45 countries. It offers a barrier-free approach to audiovisual and multimedia artistic disciplines in a theoretical, historical, and technical continuum, from photography through video and cinema to multimedia and the digital arts.

Geraldine Farage, Le Shadok (Strasbourg)

Geraldine Farage is the Director of Le Shadok. She previously worked in a non-profit organization in Marseille (France) called ZINC, developing a Mediterranean network called RAMI, dedicated to the development of Digital Arts in the Mediterranean area. She also worked for AADN (Lyon FR), a non-profit organization dedicated to Digital Arts and mediation around digital tools where she worked with artists and institutions as a producer involved in projects focusing on capacity building for kids and adults around digital media.
Le Shadok is a creative platform for digital media dedicated to supporting a large scope of innovative projects initiated by artists, businesses, students, researchers and the local community. The space includes co-working, event and exhibition spaces and a fablab. It is dedicated to experimentation around digital tools in the artistic, cultural and economic fields. Its ambition is to create a user-friendly environment to boost talent and creativity, and address from the point of view of users the issues raised by the digital revolution and the generalization of new technologies.

Julien Deparis, MOPA (Arles)

Julien Deparis is the Director of MOPA. He began his career as a cinematographer and then joined the school Supinfocom Arles for teaching careers in post-production. Julien has led important educational reforms and currently supervises students on the production and post-production of their award winning films.
MOPA (Arles) A world-renowned school of animation and computer graphics, MOPA considers 3D animation as a new artform, located at the intersection of all others – a limitless space for experimentation. Founded in 1988, MOPA strives to stimulate creativity, breaking down the divisions between skills and sectors by ever renewing partnerships and encouraging collaboration.

Amel Nafti, Villa Arson (Nice)

Amel Nafti is Director of Studies and Research Programmes at the National School of Fine-Arts at Villa Arson. She has studied both Litterature and Art History and was a Vallet Foundation Scholar. Her first appointment was in Paris with the National Conservatory for Music and Dance where she was in charge of the historical Archive in the Research and Publications Center. She then moved to Nice in 2006 to work for Villa Arson, where she headed the library, which is specialised in contemporary art and art history. She has led many important changes within the school including the development of new research programmes. In 2010, Amel Nafti was the curator for Traits Noirs (Black Lines) as well as the editor of the exhibition’s catalog.
Villa Arson (Nice) A French National School of Fine Art, member of the Université Côte d’Azur (network of eleven universities and schools and two research centers) Established in 1881 as a new type of art institution, which brought together an art school, an exhibition center, a site for artists in residence and a specialised library.

Thanks to Auckland Council Design Office for supporting this event.