Big data, deep learning & visualisation. A seminar with Spark Ventures

September 6, 2017  |  AUT  |  Invitation only event


AUT is hosting a half day seminar for Spark Ventures & their industry partners on Big Data, Deep Learning and Visualisation. The event will include presentations from Spark Ventures and five of AUT’s leading institutes, labs and research centres to showcase cross disciplinary capability in big data related areas.

Facilitated by Steve Corbett, CEO of AUT Enterprises Ltd (AUTEL) the seminar aims to highlight opportunities for research, collaboration and partnership.

This is an invitation only event, if you’d like to attend please contact Harry Silver:

Spark Ventures is the ventures arm of Spark, New Zealand’s largest supplier of fixed phone lines, its biggest internet provider, with nearly half of the total New Zealand market and nearly 700,000 broadband customers, and, together with Skinny, it’s also New Zealand’s biggest mobile provider. Spark Ventures is all about creating fantastic new digital experiences for Spark customers. Recently they have spun up a number of new exciting businesses including Lightbox, Qrious and Big Pipe. Particularly relevant for this seminar is Qrious, Sparks data and analytics business focussed on unleashing the potential of data for kiwi businesses.

The INTERACT Centre of Technology Excellence aims to create a quantum leap forward in the ability for New Zealand to be a leading developer of data technologies and to retain IT and data science graduates in local industries. INTERACT operates as a highly networked industry-linked organisation which has a key aim of addressing questions around large scale streaming big data processing and analytics. Creating economic impact through new technologies, together with related application domains in Smart City Transportation, Predictive Analytics in Social Services, Precision Medicine, Environmental Surveying, Disaster Management & Prediction, Precision Agriculture and Autonomous Vehicles. Social and economic benefits also follow through optimisation in health and social services and predictive health analytics.

The High Performance Computing Research Laboratory (HPCRL) at AUT specialises in algorithms and technologies for HPC and Big Data processing. The team has ten staff including FPGA, GPU and many core software developers, signal processing and parallel algorithm experts, and collaborates closely with industry on projects. It leads New Zealand’s large involvement in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project, the largest mega-science project of the next decade. That project represents numerous firsts for New Zealand, being the biggest Big Data project in the world, the largest Science project New Zealand has ever had substantial lead roles, one of the largest New Zealand involvements in an international ICT collaboration, and what is becoming the longest term New Zealand academic-industry project collaboration.

The Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute (KEDRI) is an established research institute at AUT, offering research and development tools for Big Data using Neural Networks. Their latest development is the NeuCube brain-like spiking neural network architecture. Deep learning neural networks (DLNN) are the latest approach to creating innovative technology for Artificial Intelligence that creates opportunities for Big Data analytics with applications to multisensory, audio-visual, and brain data, as well as environmental, ecological, financial and business data.

Sentience Lab is transforming data into a new, fully immersive and interactive 3D space that can be used for multi-sensory visualisation, education, modelling, animation, rapid prototyping and much more. The lab combines modern technologies such as motion capture, virtual reality, head-mounted displays, wireless video transmission and a custom software framework that integrates all those components into a solution that allows you to experience and interact with information taking shape.

The Institute for Radio Astronomy & Space Research (IRASR) is the first (and only) radio astronomical institute in New Zealand. Founded in 2004 it sustains the AUT Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory and its two radio telescopes. It conducts research in radio astronomy, space science and Square Kilometer Array (SKA) related projects. The institute is responsible for moving, correlating and recording 100’s of terrabytes of data around the world to be processed.