Creative Prospects : Creative Technologies

September 13, 2017  |  5:30pm – 7:00pm  |  Free.
Colab, Level 11, Sir Paul Reeves (WG) Building, AUT City Campus.
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Please join us for a special event to introduce four of our postgraduate alumni and their inspiring research projects. The event will showcase a diversity of ideas, methodological approaches, creative and technological practices, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of our philosophy and programmes.

With access to advanced technical resources and staff expertise our postgraduate programmes allow you to develop original, relevant research that can bridge different disciplines and further projects that don’t easily fit into traditional domains.

Colab offers a place for new modes of inquiry, creative and collaborative practices. You’ll hear about the research of recent graduates that investigates digital storytelling, develops new technologies, explores contemporary new media art and forms of digital embodiment as the future of fashion. This could be you – imagine the future make it happen!

Amy Tielu – Master of Creative Technologies 2016
Searching for the digital fāgogo. This research investigates how we can take the indigenous Samoan storytelling form of fāgogo online into the 21st century.

The Legend of Nafanua. Artwork provided by Jordan P. Kwan

Jacques Foottit – Master of Creative Technologies 2016
Touchable. This research explores the potential for affordable motion capture and haptic feedback technologies to be utilised in a rehabilitation context, with a specific focus on the hand.

Haptic Feedback Glove. Final Prototype by Jacques Foottit

Luke Munn – Master of Creative Technologies 2015
Digital Disembodiment A series of artworks which explores how digital capitalism remaps the body.

iChat. Artwork by Luke Munn

Miranda Smitheram – PhD 2016
The Hand of the Cloth: an Ontological and Aesthetic unfolding through Digital and Virtual Materiality. This research builds on postdigital ideas to take a speculative approach in imagining what future fashion could look like.

Dress iterations in Maya by Miranda Smitheram


  • 5:30pm – Welcome
  • 5:45pm – Amy Tielu
  • 6:00pm – Jacques Foottit
  • 6:15:pm – Luke Munn
  • 6:30pm – Miranda Smitheram
  • 6:45pm – Networking & nibbles
  • 7:00pm – Ends

Colab is an interdisciplinary collaboratory for teaching, research and engagement. Our remit is to catalyse the distinctive fusion of creative and technical disciplines, people and practices represented within AUT and to connect with networks of external partners.

We encourage researchers, students and stakeholders to imagine, construct, articulate and navigate rapidly changing social, economic, technological environments. We emphasise co-creation, connectivity and community in developing thematic research programmes responsive to emerging social issues, technological change, and local/global cultures.

We are a diverse community of creative people, working together in an environment from which new ideas emerge on a daily basis. Our researchers come from a range of backgrounds, including art, design, computer science, animation, game design, engineering, mechatronics, business, and organisational development.

Colab’s Masters of Creative Technologies and PhD programmes support creative practitioners with projects aimed at understanding of the roles and potential of technologies.

For course and scholarship information visit: and email for any inquiries.