Film Screening: AUT Art & Design and ELIA

Manual Focus – Engaging the moving image.
Tues 26th August 2014. 6pm – 7:30pm. Free.
AUT City Campus. Room WG126, Level 1, Sir Paul Reeves Building (WG) 

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The Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies (D&CT) in collaboration with the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) presents a special programme of short film and moving image works by graduate students from across the globe. The moving-image works selected have a focus of showcasing the mediums’ ever changing range and diversity across different creative disciplines. The screening and discussion programme was coordinated and led by Alex Plumb (Art & Design) and Sophia Spivak (Communication Studies).

  • Welcome drinks at 6.00 PM
  • Screening starts at 6.30 PM
  • Discussion follows at 7.15 PM

Film Flyer

As I remember it.
Viika Sankila,
Tampere University Of Applied Sciences (Tamk), Tampere (Finland)

As I Remember It is an animation about a spontaneous moment where creator Viika Sankila returns to her past to find a story. One of the first things that came to Sankila’s mind was a childhood memory about playing with her cousins and big sister. The memory deals with role play, admiration, and jealousy. Sankila’s voiceover in As I Remember It was created with as little editing possible.


Icicle ou Didascalies impromptues par Gunnar et Carbone 14
Luthi Florian,
Ecole Cantonale D’art De Lausanne (Ecal), Genolier (Switzerland)

Luthy Florian’s Icicle ou Didascalies impromptues par Gunnar et Carbone 14 is a filmic object that comes very close to a play with a minimalist aesthetic. The stories told by both actors (Gunnar and Carbon 14) are stripped of everything superfluous leaving only the bones of an almost mythological vision. The film takes the viewer through different stories that have the ability to give the impression of being intimately part of the collective unconscious. This strange form of movie-theatre can query a new form of tragedy in 2013.


32 Boulevard de Magenta
Nadège Abadie,
Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière (Ensll), Paris (France)

Nadège Abadie’s 32 Boulevard de Magenta is about politics, religion, moola, the Rolling Stones, the old, the young, cats, Amy Winehouse, Loana, death, the crisis, Brittany, before, now, and elsewhere.‘I prefer to come across as an imbecile to the morons… and I just listen to them’, confides 80-year-old Katya.During the four minute film the spectators think they are in her flat, listening to her while she is philosophising, being ironic, and ceaselessly inveighing against everything. She does not mince her words. She upsets our thoughts. She puts a spell on us. And at the end, we realize that she cuts hair too.


Perhe-Esitys / The Family Act
Laura Rytkönen,
Pirkanmaan Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy Tampere, Tampere (Finland)

Laura Rytkönen’s Family Act is an experimental animation that plays on concepts of time, space, perception and community. The puppets of the animation are a family-like community, occupying a space with only two features – a table and a sofa. They try to connect with each other, but their interactions often devolve into displays of power.Shot over three days in an open gallery, Family Act uses the gallery’s visitors as its backdrop – a frantic, moving background that exposes the artificial, constructed nature of time in animation.


Wojtek Pustola,
Uniwersytet Artystyczny W Poznaniu, Poznan (Poland)

Inspired by Philip Larkin’s famous poem ‘This Be The Verse’, Wojtek Pustola’s Hole is a discreet investigation of the artist on the grounds of the paternal lineage of his own family. Anxiety, fear, loneliness and repetition are mapped on a golf course and its symbolic, looped eighteen-hole structure. In a relay race, the individual becomes part of a collective self and must receive an inevitable load of patrimony – inherited whether they want it or no, whether they are conscious of it or not, whether they have the courage to deal with it or not.


WhimCorp –
2013, Design and Creative Technologies, AUT University, Auckland NZ

An elderly lady wakes up to discover strange goings on around her house that both aid and horrify.


Ivy Red
Alex Plumb –
2014 School of Art and Design, Design and Creative Technologies, AUT University, Auckland NZ

Ivy Red is a three-channel video work that explores psychological dimensions of the social, sexual, and spatial interactions that pervade everyday life. The work aims to render what is (in) visible through a different type of rhythm – one that un-notices the everyday act, whilst drawing out the psychic dimensions that surround it.


Third Wheel
Susan Bridges, Tansy Hayden, Sophia Spivak –
2013, Communication Studies, Design and Creative Technologies, AUT University, Auckland NZ

An unhappily married couple goes on a secluded camping trip into the wilderness to try salvage their relationship. Beatrice is the woman you love to hate, irate, loud, bossy and the complete opposite of her reserved husband, Allan. Waking up in the bush they are surprised to discover another person has set up tent next to them. Beatrice immediately becomes infatuated with the stranger, Cameron, much to the annoyance of Allan. Who is this mysterious stranger and what is he doing deep in the bush alone?



Manual Focus – Engaging the moving image
Tues 26th August 2014. 6pm – 7:30pm .
AUT City Campus. Room WG126, Level 1, Sir Paul Reeves Building (WG)

A D&CT Postgraduate initiative.

Curator of moving image works: Alex Plumb
Event management: Alex Plumb and Sophia Spivak
Discussant: Tansy Hayden
Coordination and technical support: Harry Silver

Thanks to all participating artists, ELIA, D&CT, A+D, Communication Studies and Colab.

The monthly film screenings are gratefully supported by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, Auckland department.