3D Printing Lab

3D Printing Lab

The AUT 3D Printing Lab has the tools to help you mediate between digital and physical design. The lab has a variety of high end 3D Printers and a Laser cutter.

3D printing supports the quick production of complex three-dimensional prototypes and on-demand manufacturing. This allows product concepts to be rapidly tested and ideas to be trialled before committing major costs to going into production. It also supports faster iterations of the product development process before a design is finalized.

The 3D Printing Lab works with students, staff and industry on a range of 3D printing applications and projects. Staff associated with the Lab are also researching new additive manufacturing technologies and developing methods to make most effective use of the available technologies to produce complete product prototypes in very short times.

We welcome designers, artists, architectural designers, engineers, curious creatives and anyone else that would like to fabricate using either 2D vector or 3D computer files.

The lab is open for appointments between1:30pm – 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Visit the 3D Lab  website for full information or email threedprinting@aut.ac.nz