Motion Capture Lab

Motion Capture Lab

The Motion Capture Lab is a new facility for research, development and teaching using high-end motion capture technologies.

The AUT Motion Capture Lab is dedicated to innovative Motion Capture research, teaching, and practice across a wide spectrum of applications and disciplines. This includes production in animation, gaming, visual effects, digital cinema, previsualization and virtual production, documentary, dance, performance, installation and the visual arts.

The lab is a fully equipped motion capture facility suitable for a range of body, facial and object capture, including a virtual camera, live data streaming and post production motion data solving and processing. The Lab’s resources provide the community with access to high-end technologies and are available for students, faculty, staff and external partners interested in the exploration of innovative uses of motion capture.

The lab is available to book for creative and industry projects such as game development, animation, advertising, and film companies. We welcome directors, producers, actors, artists, curious creatives and anyone else that would like to use the facilities to get in touch via our contact page.

Visit the Motion Capture Lab website for full information or email