Intermediate for Textile Design Short Course

Textile and Design Lab

The Textile and Design Lab (TDL) is a research and development centre at AUT University engaged with design and innovation through new fashion and textile technologies for the purposes of research, product development, training and education.

A key objective of the TDL is to build capability and contribute to the development and value creation within the NZ design and textile industries.  Another aim is knowledge sharing which is achieved through hosting workshops, short courses, master classes, symposia and conferences.

The lab has invested in computer aided design systems, digital textile and garment printing, WholeGarment® and intarsia knitting machinery.

Access to the TDL is available to anyone wishing to carry out research and/or product development in the apparel and textile fields. Researchers and research-led companies are actively encouraged to engage with the lab and push the boundaries of the lab’s technologies and expertise in their quest for innovation and knowledge.  Designers and commercial businesses are also welcome to work with the TDL on the design and development of new products, prototyping, sampling and small-scale production.

Visit the TDL website or Facebook page for more information or email TDL Manager, Peter Heslop at