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Emerging talent: Matthias Bachmann – Idealog, December 12, 2017
Matthias Bachmann has just spent time working at one of the world’s most renowned futurist think tanks in the US. Now, he’s coming back to New Zealand to help shape the direction of innovation and emerging tech in our nation.

Senses offer new hope for amputees suffering phantom pain – Stuff, December 3, 2017
Auckland University of Technology student Aaron Cleland is working on a groundbreaking research project which could ease pain for amputees by reconnecting the brain in playful, creative ways. Cleland’s work, Neural Amusement (NA), seeks to retrain the way a person’s brain controls and connects with a phantom limb.

Augmented reality app to bring Maori knowledge to life – Stuff, October 24, 2017
AUT Ventures startup, CONICAL Interactive Studios, have just released their newest AR app. The Journeys of Manu, launched at the 2017 Puhinui Stream Challenge, focuses on bringing Maori knowledge to life by providing communities with interactive experiences that focus on health, wellbeing and culture.

Matchmaking with Kiwi inventors and Chinese investors – Newshub, October 16, 2017
MCT graduand and creator of Green Fairy, Alejandro Davila, talks to Newshub. “If it’s made in NZ and has partnership in China the content will be translated but a lot of the message that are key to New Zealand will be able to transcend to Chinese audiences and that is really important to us.”

Jacinda Ardern donates her bra to help create chandelier artwork – NZ Herald, October 11, 2017
BCT student, Claudine Nalesu, was involved in the Sweet Louise project to create a bra chandelier, shining light on incurable breast cancer in New Zealand. Around 600 bras have been donated by women from all over the country, including Jacinda Ardern, Nikki Kaye, Rachel Hunter, Ali Mau and Brodie Kane.

When water meets technology: Waterlight Graffiti makes its way to Aotearoa – Idealog, August 7, 2017
What happens when you combine water, electricity and a form of art? The Waterlight Grafitti installation. The interactive piece, which will be in Aotea Square for the month of August, is a collision between a natural element – water – and technology – LED lights, allowing people to create lit-up, eco-friendly grafitti using liquid.

How Zippy’s Tales uses digital storytelling to teach diversity to children – Idealog, August 3, 2017
Is modern tech the answer to teaching cultural understanding and acceptance? A business born out of AUT called Titan Ideas is using augmented reality and other mediums to teach the stories of different cultures around the world to children. Its founder hopes it will help preserve cultural stories for the next generation.

Waterlight Graffiti: This artist had a bright idea – Concrete Playground, July 27, 2017
Waterlight Graffiti is just as the name describes: when water touches a blank, black canvas made up of thousands of small LED lights, they illuminate and glow brighter as more water is applied, giving the effect of graffiti (sans toxic paint).

Waterlight Graffiti is the art installation inviting you to create ‘lit’ masterpieces – Denizen, July 27, 2017
As Paris Hilton might say, public art installations are so hot right now. Which is why Aucklanders ought to know about the interactive project set to grace Aotea Square. Entitled Waterlight Graffiti, the dynamic installation by French artist Antonin Fourneau is set to light up central Auckland from 3rd August.

Reyedr: The hologram machine in your motorcycle helmet – Idealog, July 25, 2017
A Bachelor of Creative Technologies Alumni is behind an innovative startup that recently launched a $100k Kickstarter campaign. REYEDR is a heads-up display that attaches to your motorcycle helmet and shows you speed, navigation, distance and more.

Float Studios sails across the Tasman – AUT Alumni, May 15, 2017
Float Studios, a business started by six Bachelor of Creative Technologies alumni while they were studying at AUT, has recently been acquired by Sydney-based technology company Finch.

User plays: How to tell stories in a new medium – Idealog, May 12, 2017
Virtual reality was one of the biggest tech trends of 2016. But, as with any new medium, storytellers are still experimenting with the technology and attempting to throw off the shackles of previous mediums. Maya Breen immerses herself in the work of Conical’s Alejandro Davila, the creator of the Green Fairy.

What it means to be a Woman in Tech – Claudine Nalesu – AUT Employability, May 12, 2017
This Saturday our own third-year Creative Technologies student Claudine Nalesu will take part in Tech Week’s Women in Tech Panel to share her own personal journey. We caught up with Claudine to get the low-down on what it means to her to be a woman in tech.

New realities: How will we see the future? – NZ Herald, May 6, 2017
We shouldn’t think we’ll see an ultimate replacement of old media, says Dr Stefan Marks, a lecturer at AUT’s Colab. “We will merely get used to seeing more content in 360-degree panoramas instead of just photos, and content being 3D instead of 2D.

Six-metre waka sculpture planned for Hamilton –, April 27, 2017
A six-metre-tall waka sculpture with links to the stars is planned for Hamilton’s riverside. Artist and PhD candidate at Colab, Joe Citizen, is driving the partnership project and hopes to the sculpture will be in place for the 2018 appearance of the Matariki cluster of stars, around June.

Bobandii – The Grow Room Profiles Volume 03 – The Wireless NZ, April 6, 2017
Bobandii joins us in a swamp to discuss his musical journey so far, the release of his recent mixtape and his experiences connecting with like-minded musicians within the New Zealand music scene.

AUT graduate Matthiua Bachmann lands DaVinci Institute scholarship –, January 31, 2017
An Auckland technology graduate has secured an internship at one of United States’ top think tanks. Matthiua Bachmann, a 21-year-old AUT graduate and former ACG Senior College student, was offered a three-month internship at the prestigious DaVinci Institute starting on February 13.

Students create online help for flat-hunt headache – RadioNZ, January 14, 2017
Three students struggling to get into affordable accommodation in Auckland have built a website to help others find cheap rooms to rent. The AUT students behind the website say the housing situation in the city is in a chronic state of chaos.

Social innovation is here to stay – Scoop, November 17, 2016
Dr Maggie Buxton, a lecturer in Creative Technologies at Colab, a community of transdisciplinary practices at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), says New Zealand has a history of social change, activism and reform – from women’s suffrage to same-sex marriage.

New Zealand virtual and augmented reality innovators set up association –, October 20, 2016
New Zealand’s top tech talent are getting together to make the most of the booming virtual and augmented reality sector. A group of 16 innovators from Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch have formed the New Zealand VR/AR Association.

Wearable art with the WOW factor – Waiheke Gulf News, October 6, 2016
Changing courses part-way through has reaped rewards for AUT creative technologies student Sophie McIntyre. Darling, a hastily cobbled together entry by Sophie and colleagues Lara Galea and Ingrid Worrall, was judged runner-up in the WOW Factor award in the World of Wearable Art Awards in Wellington.

Virtual reality in Mt Eden: ‘My descendants will be able to do a haka with me’ – The Spinoff, September 5, 2016
At the bottom of a hill beneath TV3 in Eden Terrace lies a brand new, hi-tech facility bringing together dudes, nerds and the hopes of a city and government’s innovation plan. Tim Murphy was at the opening of Grid/Akl – Uptown.

Augmented reality, reality: Auckland’s AR/VR Garage opens – Idealog, September 2, 2016
New Zealand is poised to become one of the world leaders in VR and AR development, thanks to the opening of the AR/VR Garage – an augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) development facility in Auckland’s Eden Terrace.

Entrepreneurial creatives celebrated at ART Awards – The Big Idea, August 31, 2016
Bachelor of Creative Technologies alumni Martin Hill is one of 12 recipient of the 2016 ART Venture Award. Each recipient was awarded a place worth over $30,000 on ART Venture, the prestigious year-long creative enterprise accelerator programme offered by ART – Arts Regional Trust.

Smart Recovery – Apparel Magazine, August 16, 2016
Following an injury sustained during a bike accident, AUT student Arien Hielkema with help from the AUT Design and Textile lab has developed a new smart knee brace designed to capture and analyse movement during recovery.

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Story Telling? – NZ Herald Focus, August 1, 2016
Once upon a time Virtual Reality was a technology reserved for video games and military training, but last week Auckland Public Library’s storytime was transformed into an interactive, moving picture book world with the launch of the first Virtual Reality film made in New Zealand.

Virtual reality captures the next generation – Newshub, July 23, 2016
Alejandro Davila and his small team of six have produced the country’s first virtual reality film, and only the second in the world. Children stepped into the world of the Green Fairy for a special viewing at Auckland Central Library.

Tech hub out to attract top brains – NZ Herald, July 21, 2016
The collaborative Interact Centre of Technology Excellence, to be launched tonight by hosts Auckland University of Technology (AUT), aims to make New Zealand a leading developer of cutting-edge data tech, while helping retain the country’s top IT and data science graduates.

Streets ahead: New Zealand students win top design award – Idealog, July 13, 2016
A group of masters students from Auckland University of Technology took their design skills to Paris last month and used local inspiration to take out a very international competition.

“We’re beating Weta…how cool is that?”: NZ’s first virtual reality movie – Idealog, June 28, 2016
A bright idea has led the way in virtual reality (VR) storytelling that is like Disneyland for developers and children alike. Alejandro Davila failed his driver license because he was distracted by the traffic lights while studying for his test. Why do they glow? And wouldn’t it make a great story if fairies lived inside the lights.

Riverhead student’s glowing wool wows –, June 21, 2016
Auckland University of Technology student Donna Cleveland, who lives in Riverhead, has just had her work displayed at the 18th Minitextile Exhibition in Slovakia. Cleveland was one of 49 artists selected from around the world to show her work at the exhibition which opened on May 19.

Kiwi eco-warrior set to travel on trash down the Mississippi –, June 5, 2016
Two young Kiwis are taking a stand against waste, turning trash into a boat to sail down one of the world’s longest and most polluted rivers. Dan Cullum, 24, and Martin Hill, 21, have been building a catamaran made from plastic bottles and bamboo for the past two months which will be used to travel the 3743 kilometres down the Mississippi river.

Digital knee brace to guide injury rehab –, May 18, 2016
Arien Hielkema knows firsthand the frustration of recovering from a major injury when left to your own devices. Violently knocked from his bike by an oncoming car while training for his first ironman competition, Hielkema tore the posterior cruciate ligament in his knee and found there was a major gap in the rehab treatment. How do you know you’re completing the prescribed exercises correctly when a physio isn’t watching?

AUT gets in on Hollywood’s billion-dollar secret – Story, April 28, 2016
Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is one of the first in the world to use what is called Vikon-Cara technology. They used it to make the WWI movie, 25 April which is out in cinemas now. Story went to visit the university to see how they are using this product to get a slice of the Hollywood action.

E-textiles and smart fabrics – RadioNZ, April 6, 2016
Textile designer Frances Joseph from Auckland University of Technology is excited by the many possibilities, especially the idea of creating affordable wearable technologies that could be used in physiotherapy rehabilitation in the home.

Recreating ISIS destroyed art – RadioNZ, March 24, 2016
When they captured the city of Mosul in Iraq Islamic State posted videos online of fighters smashing statues built by the Assyrian empire thousands of years ago. Morehshin Allahyari is an artist who’s made it her mission to recreate them. Moreshin has with a keen interest in the 3D printing and one of her most recent projects is to use photographs of the destroyed statues to create replicas out of plastic. She’s in New Zealand at the invitation of Auckland University of Technology to run workshops on the potential of 3D printing technology.

The new big bang: AUT’s Colab and Spark Ventures – Idealog, March 15, 2016
The perceived disconnect between education and the ‘real world’ is one that many of today’s tertiary institutions are working hard to overcome. With its strong focus on innovation and preparing students for the changing world, AUT is leading the charge locally.

Hand stitched: Artisanal wallet makers keep the ancient practice alive – Idealog, February 23, 2016
Leather tanning is an age old craft, dating back to the beginning of human time. Today, Beau Tanner and Corey Paiva, founders of Southern Anchor, are paying their respect to the material, giving it a surf culture makeover by crafting artisanal wallets from a mixture of traditional and modern techniques.

Designs child’s play for artist – Wairarapa Times-Age, February 21, 2016
An artist who grew up playing in the wool sheds of a Kahutara sheep farm has taken textile design to the next level, using a digital knitting machine to create merino fashions.

Bodytok Quintet, asonicsfromscratch project – The Big Idea, January 15, 2016
This innovative video and sound installation features performances of the unique sounds people can produce using only their bodies.

AUT and Spark join forces in the name of innovation – Idealog, January 14, 2016
Spark and AUT have inked a deal that see the two entities come together to solve real world problems.

Still, antipodian memorial – Embassy of France in Wellington, December 8, 2015
Still (2015) is an interactive WW1 memorial that invites audiences to explore the duality of war: the destruction of lives and the construction of a collective future.

Wellington-based Johann Nortje contributes to interactive WW1 memorial – Multicultural Council of Wellington, December, 2015
Still (2015) is an interactive WW1 memorial that invites audiences to explore the duality of war: the destruction of lives and the construction of a collective future. Presented simultaneously in Poitiers (FR), Auckland and Christchurch, Still offers an opportunity to connect with people from countries involved in the First World War, 100 years ago.

Women of Influence 2015 finalists: Innovation –, November 2, 2015
Sangeeta is a researcher and senior lecturer in the Faculty of Creative Technology at the AUT University.

The augmented reality dress: Looking at Sarah Trotman’s party frock in a new way – Idealog, November 2, 2015
What do you do with an awards dinner dress after the party’s over? If you are Sarah Trotman, director of business relations at AUT, you recycle it for next year’s bash. No, not just wash it, wear it next year, and hope no one notices. Really recycle it.

AUT students dream up gadget-wear – Story TV3, October 14, 2015
A group of post-graduate students from Auckland University of Technology have come up with a few cool pieces of gadget-gear you can wear to showcase at their AUT Wearable Arts Symposium.

Collaboration works – Idealog (P.46-48) September / October, 2015
Looking for a good time in central Auckland? Idealog spent a few at AUT’s Colab, and came away buzzing.

“Destination Pioneer City” by Bronwyn Holloway-Smith & Simon Ward selected for International Video Art Festival – The Big Idea, September 14, 2015
“Destination Pioneer City” (2012) is a video made by New Zealand artist Bronwyn Holloway-Smith in collaboration with film-maker Simon Ward and commissioned by CoLab (AUT University).

Art & Reason – Design and Creative Technologies, Research review (P24-29) August 2015
ENGAGING WITH E-TEXTILES – Contributed by Associated Professor Frances Joseph
A DIGITAL PRACTICE – Contributed by James Charlton

Inaugural recipients of the Te Ataata Residency – Scoop, July 22, 2015
The Cultural Office of the French Embassy in New Zealand and Auckland University of Technology (AUT) are pleased to announce the first recipients of the newly created Te Ataata Residency programme….Two French laureates, Raphaël Pluvinage and Marion Pinaffo, both graduates from one of the premier art and design schools in France, ENSCI Les-Ateliers, will take up residence at AUT’s Colab from September to November this year.

2016 Venice Biennale: New Zealand exhibition creative director announced – Urbis, May 7, 2015
The New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) has announced that Charles Walker, associate professor in AUT University’s Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies and director of Colab, AUT’s multi-disciplinary research institution, has been appointed as creative director of the New Zealand Exhibition at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Director of NZ Exhibition at 2016 Venice Biennale Announced – Scoop, May 7, 2015
The New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) has announced that Charles Walker, associate professor in AUT University’s Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies, has been appointed as creative director of the New Zealand Exhibition at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.

2016 Venice Biennale: New Zealand exhibition creative director announced – ArchitectureNow, May 6, 2015
The New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) has announced that Charles Walker, associate professor in AUT University’s Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies and director of Colab, AUT’s multi-disciplinary research institution, has been appointed as creative director of the New Zealand Exhibition at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Vietnamese PM visits NZ university for education ties – Scoop, March 20, 2015
Vietnamese PM visits NZ’s ‘dynamic’ university for education ties…Members of the delegation also visited Colab AUT’s collaboratory for Design and Creative Technologies aimed at imagining, constructing, articulating and navigating rapidly changing social, economic, technological and career environments.

Birds of a Shadow: Jenna Gavin and Matthew Martin – Scoop, February 25, 2015
Birds of a Shadow is a playful and interactive installation where family, friends and strangers can work together to discover beautifully crafted bird images on the screen.

Stemme – Design Assembly, December 5, 2014
The intention behind Stemme is simple – to create a relevant, refreshing and beautiful discussion platform for designers, by designers.

Ad-dressing the Mood – Issuu (P.28) November, 2014
Predicting a woman’s mood can be the difference between domestic bliss and marital calamity, but until recently men have been figiting a loosing battle on this particular home front.

Shows turn it on for the kids – NZ Herald, October 25, 2014
Wavelength, a joint project from Colab, the shared (collaboratory) laboratory for AUT’s Design and Creative Technologies departments ( Natalie is entranced by RGB and the coloured shadows created by the meeting of three coloured spotlights on the wall, and we have a dance of our own in front of Hungry Pixels by Colab student Taura J Greig, which “feeds” on movement and reproduces you in brightly coloured, pixellated form on a large screen.

Making Fashion Sustainable – AUTe, October, 2014. 
We all love buying clothes, but how often do we consider the wastage and lack of sustainability behind our purchases?…Donna has now moved into Colab, an arm of Creative Technologies, where she is undertaking PhD research into recyclable textiles, including looking for new business models in fashion.

Dare to try? A dress that tells your emotions by AUT designers – Idealog,

German Film Festival Opens Tonight with Gala Event – Scoop, September 4, 2014
Auckland will also play host to a unique opportunity for Kiwi filmmakers. The Goethe-Institut and Documentary Edge with support from Colab/AUT and the NZ Film Commission have put together an International Co-Production Forum, designed to help Kiwi filmmakers find international producers and funding.

Touchy feely virtual reality? There’s a glove for that – Idealog, September 1,
A couple of university students have designed an interactive glove that lets you actually feel what’s on your computer. AUT Colab student Jacques Foottit, the mastermind behind the glove, says it came from the idea of being able to interact in a fully immersive environment without actually having an interface – things like keyboards, joysticks and a mouse – in the way.

The impact of throwaway threads – The Wireless, August 18, 2014
While upcycling is a good way to stretch the lifespan of a piece of clothing, designer and Colab PhD candidate Donna Cleveland says it’s not a solution to help the overall problem. “While it can be really worthy it’s not going to be the final answer because they’re all one-off garments and they take a lot of designer time to turn them into new garments.” She has bigger ambitions to develop a process that creates a zero waste fashion industry.

Clothes swap event, DIO Today, July, 2014
The clothes swap event was opened by Donna Cleveland, an AUT student currently doing a PhD in sustainable textiles at Colab.

Security cameras move to Auckland artist’s beat -Idealog, June 10, 2014
Auckland artist Dan Dixon was recently shortlisted for a global award for giving security cameras a leading role in a playful city…He’s collaborating with AUT’s Colab on the project.

Designer hopes to make recycling fashionable – TV3 News, June 9, 2014
An Auckland fashion designer has received almost $100,000 to research fabric recycling. Donna Cleveland is already making clothes from reclaimed textiles, but hopes her processes can be made mainstream. According to the Ministry for the Environment, textiles account for 4 percent of waste sent to New Zealand landfills, including offcuts from manufacturers and clothes people throw away.Ms Cleveland wants to reduce that by recycling the fabric, and has been awarded $95,000 towards her PhD research at Colab to look at ways that could be done.

Sola Rosa: Can We Get It Together – The NZ Herald, May 27, 2014
This project came about after a yarn between Andrew and myself trying to work out what would make for a good video for Can We Get it Together. I had recently been to a showcase at Colab (part of AUT) of their motion capture suite and was blown away by what could be done there.

Hackakl winners try to prise Aucklanders out of their cars – Idealog, May 26, 2014
The Supreme prize winner of last weekend’s Hackakl civic hacking event has taken on the ultra-tricky mission of tempting Auckland car drivers to use public transport.

Auckland’s first civic hackathon – Originally aired on Nine To Noon, May 23, 2014
As many as 500 designers, developers and innovators are coming together for a weekend of ‘hacking for good’ in what will be Auckland’s first ‘civic hackathon’. HACKAKL:Transport – to be held on 24 and 25 May at AUT University’s Sir Paul Reeves Building… James Charlton is an AUT senior lecturer at Colab Creative Technologies, who’s one of the creator advisors for the weekend.

Marlin goes Auckland – Fontys Academy for Creative Industries news, May 15, 2014
Collaboration is at the core of what we do’ this is the first sentence in the Colab leaflet and after having worked in the Colab Creative Technology program for two weeks now I can definitely say that so much is true.

Your chance to plagiarise, artistically – Concrete Playground, May 14, 2014
It’s frustrating to try and write eloquent sentences when there are so many other people out there who’ve simply done it better. What if you could take their words and make them your own (without being called a plagiarist)?

Auckland hosts design battle – Yahoo NZ Lifestyle, March 3, 2014
CHARACTERIZED Live Design Battle rocks into Auckland on 13 March. Produced and conceptualised by USA-based Cut&paste and brought to New Zealand for the first time by Telecom, the event sees three teams of top Kiwi designers fight it out in the creative arena in front of a live audience…. Colab/AUT will also be part of March event, providing interactive student works and short animations to activate the space. 

The co word: how getting together makes smarter cities – Idealog, February 27, 2014
At AUT’s Colab, they don’t always know what will come of work that brings seemingly disparate groups together. But the principles and possibilities of smart collaboration are the same for university organisations and the complex systems that make up cities. By Amanda Sachtleben.

Making art in nature’s frame – Public Address, February 5th, 2014
“…The integration of technology and art continues in Love Creatures, a work by Kim Newall and AUT’s COLAB that has been designed for the Splore community. An augmented reality project, it gives the audience an opportunity to interact with one another through art, digital technology, and smartphones.”

Auckland Fringe 2013 KUWNZ Picks! – Keeping up with NZ, February 4, 2013
Wandering Creatures is a special event at Auckland Zoo from artist Kim Newall,Wednesday 13 Feb –  20 March, who creates imaginative, hybrid, creatures with legs like pigs, beaks like birds or trunks like elephants. Made using of a mix of traditional drawing and animation methods, and digital interactive media, The creatures exist in the space between digital and physical and evolve their unique identities through audience engagement.

Design for the times – Idealog, January 16, 2014
Tertiary design studies were once about discipline, focus and specialisation. But in today’s rapidly changing world, design is now interwoven with almost every discipline imaginable. 

Case study: ng Connect and AUT join forces – Idealog, December 16, 2013
Ng Connect is a global ecosystem of companies collaborating to expand the connectivity landscape. AUT University has become the world’s first university to formally join the programme… “Colab, our interdisciplinary research institute, is a high-tech facility that’s open to students and collaboration with business and industry,” Dr Krieg says. “Some of the work Colab is looking at – such as creative technologies and content, with applications for film, mobile, gaming and computer animation – is extremely data-hungry, particularly when we’re collaborating live with others around New Zealand and overseas.

Art comes alive in Auckland – Yahoo NZ, November 12, 2013
An exciting fusion of technology and art is underway at the Aotea Centre, Auckland.

Sound Bites: A work in process – Design Assembly, November 8, 2013
The beautifully unexpected work of Gerbrand Van Melle, Masters in Philosophy student at AUT,

The Future of Gaming? – Seven Sharp, TV1, October 8, 2013
Jesse meets a group of students keen to make video games into a more social experience. Filmed at the Rabble Room Arcade event, organised by BCT students Jenna Gavin and Tom Tyer-Drake.

Digital Nationz – The wheelchair simulator – ZBTV, September 29, 2013
Newstalk ZB’s Josh White talks to AUT University students Alex and Joseph about the Oculus Rift wheelchair simulator they developed for mere dollars, and had a go on it at Digital Nationz, Auckland 2013.

Survive and Thrive – originally aired on Arts on Sunday, September 8,  2013
The future is here already, according to Survive & Thrive, Auckland’s annual arts forum and expo, and artists, innovators and entrepreneurs need to be ready for what it offers. Colab staff and Interactive digital artists Harry Silver and Kim Newall are determined not to miss out and they want to help others to benefit too, through a workshop they’re presenting at the forum. Justin Gregory meets up with the pair at an example of interactive digital art at its most fun.

Art @ Survive & Thrive – The Big Idea, September 3, 2013
Curator Nolwenn Hugain-Lacire introduces the artists at Survive & Thrive 2013 who are responding to the challenge ‘So, it’s the future already, all ready?’

Creative workshops, 3D printing demos announced for Digital Nationz – Gameplanet, August 28, 2013
A pair of workshops and demos have been announced for next month’s Digital Nationz expo.
The workshops are both two-day affairs, and are being presented in partnership with AUT’s Design and Creative Technologies Colab.

Invisible art shows augmented reality – Nightline, TV3, June 25, 2013
TV3’s Ali Ikram interviewed artist Shannon Novak about his Digital Art Live work, Score Generators. The multiple art works use augmented reality to give viewers the chance to experience the musicality of everyday objects, as experienced by Novak through Synaesthesia.

Art in the Age of Vertigo – Art News New Zealand, Winter 2013 Feature
Living in an age of constant technological update, many artists are harnessing digital and social media to create aesthetic and conceptual breakthroughs. Sue Gardiner reports.

Wandering Creatures by Kim Newall – Fringe TV, February 2013
Artist Kim Newall creates imaginative, hybrid, creatures made using of a mix traditional drawing and animation methods, and digital interactive media. The creatures exist in the space between digital the physical and evolve their unique identities through audience engagement. Video made by Fringe TV as part of Auckland Fringe.

Air NZ’s new inflight video art to double as sleeping aid – The National Business Review (NBR), December 2012
Long-haul Air New Zealand passengers could soon be soothed to sleep with the introduction of new artwork on the airline’s inflight entertainment programme. The video “Delta”, by artist and AUT University lecturer Clinton Watkins, features a continuous slow shot along a New Zealand east coast road and a gentle abstract soundtrack that incorporates delta waves.

ASCII art with a Polynesian flavour – Idealog,

Beauty and the Geek – Campbell Live, February 2011
Diana Eng, Victoria’s Secret Designer and Project Runway contestant has been busy during her CoLab residency this January and February. Introducing the integration of fashion and technology Diana had an exclusive interview with Campbell Live’s Emma Keeling at her TechStyle exhibition.

Creative technologies get their very own journal –, April 2011
AUT’s Colab has been the hub for many an interesting creative revelation, like this piece of work from former Colab resident Matt Kenyon. Now the interdisciplinary creative technology centre is translating its ideas to the written word with the launch of Journal: Creative Technologies.

Smelly Socks tell story of cultural identity – news, August 2010
Has the smell of sunscreen ever convinced you that there is sand between your toes? If so, you have experienced synthetic synaesthesia, when one sensory experience triggers another “phantom” sensory experience. Both Canadian artist Diana Burgoyne and New Zealand artist Raewyn Turner are fascinated by this phenomenon; they believe that exploring our sensory associations is another way to understand our cultural identity.

Doc Lab 2010: Borderless Media – TAKE magazine, Autumn 2010
This year Documentary Edge (formerly known as Documentary NZ) introduced DOC Lab, an innovative intenstive two-day cross-media incubator designed to encourage filmmakers currently working on projects to actively develop a cross-media/multi-platform approach. Article written by Anna Jackson from Transmedia NZ.

Bridging the gap between low – and high – tech – Herald on Sunday, July 2009
The MIT Media Lab, hotbed of leading-edge information technology development, has a new mission – bringing quilting into the 21st century… It’s what Leah Buechley, an electronic textiles expert who has been conducting workshops in Auckland, sees as a process of democratisation – getting technology out of the lab and into the working spaces of hobbyists and craftspeople. Article by Anthony Doesburg.

New media artist shows off his work to NZ – TV3 News interview, August 2009
What would possess a man to pierce a hole in his right cheek and run a barcode scanner through it? or get a robot to drink coke until it explodes? One man’s done it all and he’s in New Zealand to show off his work.

Small pot plant outperforms ING – The National Business Review (NBR), August 2009
I’ve recently been up at the Moving Images gallery on Auckland’s K-Road, checking out the agit-pop exhibition by Matt Kenyon, in the city as a guest of AUT University’s CoLab. Kenyon’s day job is Assistant Professor of Art at Pennsylvania State University (aka Penn State), where he teaches courses in 3D animation, physical computing and video art. Article by Chris Keall.

Case study: Commercialising VR – Ideolog, (no date) 2009
He’s not called the VR Guy for nothing. Dr Roy Davies, a senior research fellow at AUT University, has had a major impact on the virtual reality landscape both here and overseas. He’s now using his knowledge to help others achieve their research and commercial goals using VR technology at AUT University’s new Virtual Reality Suite. By Dierdre Coleman.

SWAMP Activist at CoLab – Inside AUT, August 2009
IT LOOKS like a dimple but the indent in Matt Kenyon’s right cheek is actually a hole through which he threads a cable connecting a video camera in his mouth to a barcode scanner. The digital artist then walks supermarket aisles with his mouth wide open, ‘consuming’ barcodes and sending the data to a Nielsen Homescan scanner. 

E Fashion Comes to AUT – Inside AUT, July 2009
THE FUTURISTIC world of electronic clothing was brought to life by a visiting expert in June for AUT’s CoLab. Dr Buechley, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was in New Zealand to talk about the idea of making technology accessible as the keynote speaker at CoLab’s Creating Technologies conference.