Baruk Jacob

Digital(ish) Odd-Jobs Person at Auckland Libraries

Baruk has worked on the fringes of the telco and IT industries in India, building on an education in English Literature and Computer Programming. Since moving to Aotearoa New Zealand in 2009, he has worked with horses, special needs children, and public libraries. He occasionally dabbles in art/craft that has a distinct Rage Against The Machine feel.

From 2013 to 2016, Baruk was part of the teams that set up the various makerspaces at Auckland Libraries. On a six month stint in 2016 with The Southern Initiative, he helped set up the framework of the #makerhood, a movement to embed maker culture in south Auckland. The current question he is trying to answer is: How can we use Lean Startup to create business-to-business products from great library services, and channel revenue earned into more experimentation at community level?

Baruk’s top areas of concern+interest are access (better, more), oral and digital cultures, and the in-between spaces among industries/organisations. He is moderately foul-mouthed on Twitter, at @feddabonn