Digital Art Live

April 2011 – Present
Digital Art Live is both an ongoing programme of interactive art exhibitions developed in partnership with THE EDGE, and a long term Colab project investigating the development, aesthetics and technics of interactivity.

People involved:
Kim Newall (Colab technician and artist), Nolwenn Hugain Lacire (DAL co-ordinator), Harry Silver (acting DAL co-ordinator), Frances Joseph (Colab co-director), Charles Walker (CoLab co-director), James Charlton (Artist), Clinton Watkins (artist), Rebekah Foote (communications).

Since its inception Digital Art Live (DAL) has supported and presented over 20 new interactive art works on the DAL screen at The EDGE and, more recently, out into Auckland City.

Key areas of investigation include collaborative methodologies, the aesthetics of interactivity, tangible and mobile  interfaces, interactive documentary and interactive animation.

The DAL project has also focussed on building a community, capability in interactive art production and linkages with key national and international organisations and researchers in the field  including Dr Siobhan O’Flynne (University of Toronto), Florent Aziamanoff (Le Cube, Paris), Jeff Nusz (Auckland), Interrupt Collective (WellingtonNZ), Ungarded Intersection (Auckland) and TransMedia NZ.

Research publications:

  • Joseph F, Hugain-Lacire N, Ziegler V.  (2012) Digital Art Live: Exploring the Aesthetics of Interactivity. Journal of Creative Technologies Dec 2012
  • Joseph, F. (2012) Economies of Interaction. In Pioneering Minds; On the Entrepreneurial Principles of the Cultural and Creative Industries. Editors: Hagoort A, Thomassen A, Kooyman R. 134-137. Eburon Delft and Chicago University Press, Delft and Chicago
  • Joseph, F. (2013) Collaborative Registers of Interactive Art. ISEA 2013 (Forthcoming)


Dr Frances Joseph:
Nolwenn Hugain-Lacire:

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