Digital Disembodiment

Luke Munn, Master of Creative Technologies (March 2014 – July 2015)
A series of artworks which explores how digital capitalism remaps the body.

People Involved:
Luke Munn – MCT researcher
James Charlton – Primary Supervisor
Clinton Watkins – Secondary Supervisor

How does digital capitalism remap the body and how can contemporary art respond? As late capitalism continues its pervasive spread into spaces and temporalities not yet occupied, the limitations engendered by human bodies become increasingly untenable. Digital technologies provide both the model and the means for a body which operates frictionlessly within this always-on, always-improving framework. This vision forms a future trajectory for an updated somatic self – a colonized and dematerialised body which is sleepless, hungerless, discrete, disintegrated and self-optimised. This research project investigates each of these traits as evidenced by real-world technological trends and their broader ideologies. The written work maps out a particular relationship between technology and the body. The artworks inhabit this terrain without maintaining consensus – overloading sites in order to productively problematise existing knowledge systems.

Embodiment, digitality, contemporary art, performance, media theory

NZ, Europe, North America, Online

Luke Munn –

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