Digital Disembodiment

Luke Munn, Master of Creative Technologies (March 2014 – July 2015)
A series of artworks which explores how digital capitalism remaps the body.

People Involved:
Luke Munn – MCT researcher
James Charlton – Primary Supervisor
Clinton Watkins – Secondary Supervisor

As late capitalism seeps further into the everyday, the body becomes a site of contestation and resistance. Digital technologies provide models for new forms of embodiment and identity which function more frictionlessly in this framework while simultaneously reframing these notions entirely. In a space of self branding and self-surveillance, how has the notion of self shifted? In the sleepless terrain of always on capitalism and 24/7 circulation, how is presence modulated? From accelerationist immateriality to fleshy incompatibility, these recent works explore how digital embodiment operates today.

Embodiment, digitality, contemporary art, performance, media theory

NZ, Europe, North America, Online

Luke Munn –