Disabled Monsters: Performing Prosthetic Technologies and Ambivalent Bodies

Charlotte Alexander, Master of Creative Technologies (March 2014 – July 2015)
The exploration of assistive technologies and assembled bodies.

People Involved:
Charlotte Alexander – MCT researcher
Associate Professor Frances Joseph – Primary Supervisor
James Charlton – Secondary Supervisor

This practice-led master’s research explored the way in which prosthetic technologies frame, alter and attempt to normalise bodies with “disabilities”.

An experimental textile practice investigated hearing loop assistive technology by developing knitted and woven copper inductive coils.

Ultimately, the multidisciplinary practice questioned the way in which textile thinking might offer a reconsideration of the relationship between bodies and their technologies and an abolishment of the notion of the independent, autonomous self.

E-textiles; Disability studies; Assemblage; Cyborg; Prosthesis; Technology and embodiment

Full thesis can be viewed here – http://hdl.handle.net/10292/8883