Holding the Digital Mirror up to Nature by Ross Brannigan

Ross Brannigan has devised a short compilation of Shakespearian scenes for this one man show.  Interactive video and sensor-based live animation are added to the tool set in this practice as research based exploration of craft.

Designed as an experimental laboratory theatre production exploring the use of digital media techniques in a Shakespearian production.  After a series of workshops which have explored specific techniques the production is the final test to see if dramaturgically sound use can be made of them in performance.  The performance will involve video projection; video cameras; sensor-based live animation and live audio manipulation.

The aim is to have a season of three performances, one of which will constitute the examination of my performance as research Masters degree.

This is designed to develop new knowledge in the area of performance technologies from the perspective of an actor.

Described as ’21st century digital media meets Shakespearian theatre’, actor Ross Brannigan and his audience explored the potential of interactive theatre technologies at his recent performance titled ‘Holding the Digital Mirror up to Nature’. Staged at Galatos as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival this project was supported by CoLab. In the show Brannigan explored whether digital techniques can sit with Shakespeare’s work and questioned the usefulness of these techniques to theatre. During the performance he played the roles of Hamlet, Macbeth, Ariel and Prospero against backdrops of digital projections he created including pre-recorded video of actors recognisable from Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune and Lord of the Rings.