Lucky by Raewyn Turner

Raewyn Turner’s short film Lucky  begins with the filmmaker’s heartfelt  wish to create a magic potion for ‘luck’. She asks herself, “Can I find a way to influence chance”?

What follows is a charming, whimsical, funny and at times astounding  journey to discover a contemporary talisman that can be artfully bottled and procured by everyone to banish the experience of losing… forever. The footage is a clever witty blend of interviews and potion making that scans across themes such as biotechnology, clover research, problem gambling, random jackpots and the marketing of desire.

Turner allowed the question, one of luck, to determine the collection of the video footage. The material was generated  from both chance encounters  and prepared situations which would allow for improvised dialogue, but with an uncertain outcome.

Each perfume container is a similar but unique item. Random mutations were applied to the initial fulgurite computer model, which was built in 3-dimensional modeling & animation software 3D Studio Max, and created on a rapid prototype.

The fragrance was created with Louise Crouch, a commercial perfumer who has a consistent colour association with numbers and letters of the alphabet that assists her memory of around 200–300 perfumery materials she uses to create odour combinations to formulate perfumes for the commercial market.
The fragrance is intended to moderate the intense sensation of wanting to lose with the possibility of sudden euphoric avalanches of money and love.