Making Sense of Nobody by Becca Wood

‘Making Sense of No Body’ is a Masters research project supported by Colab investigating the destabilization of the body with the screen image.

The work focuses on the disruption of the body’s sensing system as it is reorganized through encounters with the digital image. Reconfiguring the balance of the sensory system through the intersection of the screen/body destabilizes the body’s conventional modes of proprioception and spatial orientation.

Using wireless cameras attached to the body and improvisational structures for performance, divergent spaces are connected through the body, screen and the camera. As the body and screen intersect, the corporeal and the image become interchangeable and manifest through the imagination and screen.

The eyes see with the ears, words transmute to image, motility creates space, and the body becomes the site. The corporeal and screen collide, hybridizing a ‘prostheticized’ body and shifting spatial and temporal margins into the liminal.

Becca’s investigation into the screen/body makes new trajectories for the spatial and corporeal, as the body and the screen fold into a mesh of multiplicity and ‘in-between-ness’.