Media Filter Access

Developed in 2013.
Filtering the W* is a participatory installation.

People involved:
Clinton Watkins – Researcher, Colab (AUT)
Ben Tuhoe Kenobi – Researcher, Colab (AUT)
Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath – Researcher, Computer Games and Interaction Design (ITU, Copenhagen)

Silently and without attracting much attention, the filter establishes itself at the heart of digital media: It becomes an essential tool and a limiting factor, on technical and conceptual levels, in all areas of life.

In this brave new world of digital technically implemented policies, essential decisions are made for us, many of them in microseconds, of which we never know. This installation employs the tactics it criticises; it offers a limited world to explore easily while making it difficult to access anything else.

The work indicates a pervasive tendency in digital, networked media to filter and therefore control. Participants are offered a direct and controversial experience, and are challenged to make up their own minds.

Filter, search, security, online, internet, installation, design

Read the Filter* proposal.