Presence Software Development Kit

November 2013 – February 2014


People involved:
Justin White – Researcher
Stefan Marks – Primary Supervisor

Under the supervision of Colab lecturer Stefan Marks, summer school student Justin White is developing tools for real-time interactive applications using the AUT motion capture suite.

Rather than using motion capture data in post-production, this research incorporates real-time streaming of marker and gyroscope data to devices like the Oculus Rift in order to achieve total bodily immersion for the user (figure 1 – mocap rig).

Software libraries are under development that extend this functionality to applications written in C++, C#, Unity3D and Java, tailored to be easy to use for computer science or design students so they can quickly create truly immersive experiences and/or pursue unique research at AUT University.

There is opportunity for a multitude of applications to branch from Justin’s work including virtual training and therapy, film pre-visualisation, performer art and games. One specific project involves the immersive visualisation and exploration of simulated brain activity data, a cooperation between Colab and KEDRI (figure 2, brain visualisation).

Stefan Marks –
Justin White –