Smart Tack: A textile based system for the monitoring of equine physiology

Hollee Fisher, Master of Creative Technologies (March 2015 – July 2016)
Hollee’s research explores the use of smart textiles within the field of animal care.

People Involved:
Hollee Fisher – MCT researcher
Mandy Smith – Primary Supervisor
Frances Joseph – Secondary Supervisor

Smart textiles are extending the traditional functionality of textiles and making a significant impact within the medical and healthcare industries. The field of animal care however, has been slow to adopt the use of smart textiles. This research explores the use of the emerging technology of smart textiles within the field of animal care. Hollee has used a research through design approach to utilise both theoretical and practical investigations to explore possibilities for the use of smart textile applications in the equine industry. By combining her knowledge of textile design and technology, this aids in the creation of ‘soft’ textile electrodes through the construction of composite and conductive fabrics where textile structures, material properties and yarns are explored for their technical performance. The practice-based inquiry results in the construction of a prototyped smart textile system for continuous monitoring of equine physiology.

Smart textiles; Sensor integration; Electrodes; Knit; Textile design; Monitoring; Research through design; Equine; Animal care; Structure & yarn analysis

Full thesis can be viewed here –