The ‘Killer App’ for Education: Conceptions, Expectations and Reality

Judit Klein, Master of Creative Technologies (May 2013 – July 2014)
This research address the conceptions, expectations and reality of the ‘killer app’ and whether an ‘off the shelf’ solution can offer the magic bullet that educators are looking for.

People involved:
Judit Klein – Researcher
Charles Walker – Supervisor
Taylor Abernethy-Newman – Industry Supervisor

As teaching and learning practices are increasingly mediated by technology, tablet computers are the most recent example to be adopted into education. In recent years, the field of educational technology has gained much attention with particular focus on their potential to enhance teaching and learning practices.

This practise-based research documents the process of building an iOS app, aiming to reveal through a combined technological and educational perspective why a ‘killer app’ doesn’t exist and why tablets haven’t transformed education in the ways that have been promised.

Judit Klein –

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