Translation of Music to Chocolate by Raewyn Turner

The pleasure and sorrow experienced in both music, gesture and chocolate are directly related in their manifestations and expressions. The installation combined the aroma of chocolate with a video of a visual gesturals.

Dark chocolate was melted and freshly painted into the insert of the ‘pod’ installation alternate mornings. The video, Indications, was a recording of nodding my head to describe a piece of music, and referencing Bulwer’s Darling Virgin Philosophie of Gesture’ seventeenth-century research in ‘The Naturall language of the Head’. The natural language of nodding the head to music is in regular use, often unconsciously, amongst people who use personal music devices like ipods and walkmen. Nobody else can hear the music that’s being described in the freedom of those natural visible gestures. (Turner, 07).

Further to the Prague installation, the video work, Indications, was also included in II Congress on Synaesthesia, Science & Art 28th April-1st May 2007, Granada, Spain, for exhibition in ‘MuVi,’ International exhibition of video and moving image on synesthesia and visual music. Parallel exhibition to the II Congress on Synaesthesia, Science & Art.

Music was translated into chocolate via photoperiodicity. The extended music translation produced a selection of plants which flower sequentially at the equatorial zone. The proportion, 1.1, of sound/no sound in Brahms Hungarian Dances #10, equates with the photoperiodicity proportions of night and day time minutes which equal 1.1. at 10 degrees south latitude in December 2007. The plants thus selected were cacao, mangosteen and sugar cane.