Your Attention Please! : Applying cinematic 3D animation techniques to scientific visualizations

Year long project (2013-2014)
This research examines the issue of attention.

People involved:
David Mendelow – MCT research and 3D animation
Dr. Charles Walker – Supervisor
Stephen Henry – Supervisor

In today’s digital and scientific worlds we are inundated with information; from TV, the internet and, in the scientific world, hundreds of thousands of research papers that are published yearly. It’s a virtual tsunami of text, diagrams, illustration and animations. It becomes very difficult to get attention paid to critical scientific issues, especially those occurring beyond the visible world or involving processes that, while important, are contiguous to specific interests.

Entertainment is all about capturing our attention, in fact the root meaning of the word ‘entertainment’ is to grab or hold onto something. What is that something – it’s our attention! The premier mode of entertainment is cinema.

David’s research will explore the use of cinematic techniques, how they are used to capture the audiences’ attention and how, through utilizing 3D animation, they can be applied to creating entertaining and engaging scientific visualizations.

David Mendelow: